Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just another day in the life

Oh baby, it's been a looooonnnggg week! We've had one sick little man here. Liam caught a nasty cough and the poor boy has been coughing until he throws up! (Gross, sorry about that) Finally, last night he only woke up 11:00pm to cough and then slept for the rest of the night. You know what that means? I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! For the first time in forever, literally like 9 months, I got to sleep all night. Hallelujah.

Waking up rested is a beautiful thing, but I'm still like a trapped rat since we've been trying not to share our germs with anyone else. I'm a little sick of staring at these walls. I don't want to clean even though I should (story of my life) and I don't really want to do any other work either. I actually would like to make an escape and leave all my mini's behind for a few hours.... just wait until Bill gets home. Ha!

In other news, our little Norah had an awesome visit with her therapist today. At  just over 7 months she is working on her army/combat crawl. She's totally rocking it! I was so proud of her as I watched the therapist work with her and be amazed by all she could do. Even though Norah had a rough start, she's developing beautifully. It's so awesome to see how God can turn what the devil meant for harm into something beautiful. Norah is just that - pure beauty.

This is the glamorous life of a stay at home mom, people. I'm livin' it up big time!

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