Monday, September 29, 2014

Uncommon - where it all began

A few years ago my Mom, a couple close friends & I had this burning desire to have a women's event that was different from the norm (shocking, I know). We had been through it all - the hype, the emotion, the "deeply spiritual" prayer conferences, the girls' weekend laugh it up types and everything in between. Some of those have their place and well, we felt like some were just weird (nothing like a little honesty), but none of them were what we felt God was asking us to do. So, we prayed and worked and prayed and dreamed. We wanted an event where women shared about their real world experiences and revelations in serving Christ, a place where women would learn what it meant to live for Jesus everyday in the little things and the big things. We wanted a safe, open, honest atmosphere that would lend itself to vulnerability so relationships could be built. Out of all that came Uncommon.

This is our third year hosting Uncommon and I'll venture to say it's the hardest. One of our dearest friends who started Uncommon with us has gone to be with Jesus. She was passionate about reaching women and showing them Jesus. She was instrumental in all the behind the scenes work that goes into putting on an event like this, but more importantly, her prayers were deep and heartfelt for those whom God would bring. Her death left us hollow, empty and in shock. Some days I still don't believe it's true. We didn't talk about what if she wasn't with us this year, I never imagined that could happen. I hear her voice when I sing her favorite songs and I see her eyes when something goes awry. I hear her gentle encouragement and strength in the midst of hard things. Through it all, I know I don't get to know why and I can only rest in knowing that God knew what would happen and His plan is bigger than mine. I know that my dear friend would have wanted us to seek God all the more. She would have wanted us to continue Uncommon with a greater fervor and diligence than ever before. It was of this event that she once said she knew without a doubt that she was really doing what God had for her. So, we press on. We remember her legacy and rejoice that one day we will see her in glory.

And now, my friends, I invite you to join us for Uncommon 2014 as together we pursue a deeper understanding of what it means to give your life away. Come, bring friends and build relationships with other women who are seeking a life that would bless our Father's heart.

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